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  • Wang Zhiqiang Artistic adviser
    Famous sculptor Country-level artist .......
  • Chen Gang Senior planner
    Young sculptor He participated in ......
  • Ran Guanghao Design director
    Young sculptor He majored in Sculpture ......
  • Li Wei Creative director
    Young sculptor e majored in Sculpture in .....

        Over nearly a decade of development, Opie has for several years ranked among the few comprehensive sculpture industry's leading companies as well. All aspects of strength, quality and performance of the top ranking Shanghai. Sculpture industry leading new model, establish a modern aesthetic orientation...

              • October 2013, Shanghai, one of the people selected ......
              • August 2012, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, Huai'an ......
              • August 2012, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, Huai'an .......

              1.Symbolic Sculptures of China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo
              2.Sculpture Group in Dongyi Cultural Park of Qingzhou City of Shandong Province
              3.Sculpture Group in “5.12” Construction Aid Yujiang Youyi Park of Henan Province
              4.Sculpture Group in “5.12” Construction Aid Yujiang Youyi Park of Henan Province
              5.Landscape Sculptures of Chinese Yangko City of Qingdao City
              6.Landscape Sculptures of Bijie Folk Custom of Guizhou Province
              7.Sculptures of Wendengxue Garden of Weihai City
              8.Sculptures of Wulie River Bank of Chengde City
              9.Sculptures in Business Streets of Cao’an Road of Shanghai City
              10.Sculptures on Landscape Belt of Liming River of Daqing City
              11.Sculpture Group on Landscape Belt of Xiaoqing River of Jinan City
              12.Symbolic Sculptures of Shanghai Xinghuo Economic Development Zone
              13.Shanghai GM
              14.Sculpture Group of Xinyu Municipal Government Square of Jiangxi Province
              15.Symbolic Sculptures of Nanfang International Shopping Center of Shanghai City
              16.Circular Engravure and Large Relief of Tengzhou City, Known as the Hometown of Gongshu Pan and Mo Tzu

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